E3-9A. Analyze timing of revenue recognition. (LO I, 2, 3)

Show each of the following transactions in the accounting equation. Then, tell whether or not the original transaction as given is one that results in the recognition of revenue or expenses.

a. Dell Inc. paid its computer service Technicians $ 80,000 in salaries for the month ended January 31.

b. Shell Oil used$ 5,000 worth of electricity in its head quarter building during March. Shell received the bill, but will not pay it until sometime in April.

c. In2006, Chico”s, FAS had $22 million in catalogue sales. Assume all sales were recorded as credit sales.

d. Home Depot collected$ 59 million in interest and investment in come during 2006. E3-10A. Account for rent expense(.L O 1, 3)

BNP Company started the year with $3,000 of prepaid rent, $15,000 of cash, and $18,000 of common stock. During the year, BNP paid additional rent in advance amounting to $10,000.T he rent expense for the year was $12,000.W hat was the balance in prepaid

rent on the year-end balance sheet?