Relevance and reliability. You have decided to open a restaurant, so you look around in your area to see if an established restaurant is for sale. You find an advertisement in the newspaper for a local sandwich shop for sale. When you contact the owner, this is what you find: (LO 2)

1. The restaurant has been open for 10 years.

2, The owner says owning the sandwich shop is a lot of fun.

3. The sandwich shop has increased profits each year, and the owner can provide financial records.

4. The sandwich shop location is downtown.

5. The owner says the building housing the restaurant has been remodeled and brought into compliance with all codes and regulations in the past year, and he can provide documentation.

6. The owner says the red carpet is the most beautiful carpet ever made. Evaluate each item from the preceding list in terms of its relevance to the decision about whether to buy this restaurant. Then, evaluate each item with respect to its reliability. What additional documentation or supporting evidence would you want for your decision?