Relevance and reliability. Your car has broken down, so you have decided to look

for a replacement. You find an advertisement on the Internet for a used Lexus. When you

contact the owner, this is what you find: (LO 2)

1. The car is a 2005 model.

2. The owner says he used the car only for driving to and from work.

3. The odometer reading is 68,759 miles.

4. The owner says that he had the oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles since he bought the car new.

5. The owner says this is the best car he has ever owned.

6. The owner will provide a maintenance record prepared by a licensed mechanic. Evaluate each item from the preceding list in terms of its relevance to the decision about whether to buy this car. Then, evaluate each item with respect to its reliability. What additional documentation or supporting evidence would you want for your decision?