E1-18.Business exchanges. Identify the transactions from the following story. For each, identify the give and get portion. Who would be interested in this information? (LO I, 3) Bonnie Lawhon decided to start a business for herself breeding AKC miniature dachshunds .As a talented breeder who gave puppies to her friends and family, she decided to open as mall kennel with $6,500 of her own money. She received common stock in exchange. Thebusiness had concrete poured and fences installed to give the dogs and puppies shelter at acostof $3,250,p aid in cash. Then, Bonnie”s business hired a consultant design and maintain a Web page for the company at a cost of $200 for the original design and $25 a monthmaintenance. She paid for the design and one month”s maintenance fee. The business requireda separatemobile phoneto be purchasedat a cost of $169 cash.Then, the businessput an advertisement in the local newspaper, at a cost of $20 per month for weekly ads. Thebusinesspaid cashfor one month”s advertisingThe businesswas readyto go.