Part 1:

Read “Once More to the Lake” by E. B. White, pp. 97-100, and “Androgynous Man” by Noel Perrin, pp. 243-244. Select one of the pieces to write about.

Both of these stories involve trips or vacations, time spent away from the author’s everyday environment. Both deal with memory and growing up.

Take a look at how the author uses sentences to give details of the vacation or the trip. Are the sentences long, short, poetic, matter of fact?

Then write about whether you think the author is successful in creating an interesting or moving piece about memory. What makes the writing successful for you?

Select a favorite sentence from the piece and include it as a quotation with MLA citation, like this:

“I read all the interesting articles in a couple of magazines I had, and then I went back and read all the dull stuff” (Perrin 243).

Try to select a sentence that no one else has selected yet. Why is it a favorite for you? What was your reaction when you read it, and how did the author evoke that reaction?

Part 2: Writing to Tell Your Story

This week you are working on your personal experience essay. You are dealing with memory and life events. How can you apply the reading you have done in Part 1 and the research you have done in Part 2 to your own story, to make your writing stronger, more interesting, or more effective?

Your initial post (Part 1 and Part 2,) should be between 200-250 words. Please make your initial post by Wednesday, and then respond thoughtfully to at least two other classmates, in posts of at least 50-100 words