In order to understand more immediately the basics of business communications, it is better to have those communication problems embedded in a context of a real company. Therefore, to provide real-life context to your communications, and to show that theory and practice inform one another, you will select a company (see below) and compose a business profile similar to that found on pages 32-35 of Contemporary Business Communications. You might also find helpful in your research of an appropriate business the Business & Company Resource Center in the Baker Online Library. You should review the structure of these documents prior to submitting your own.

Your business must either be a multinational corporation with a culturally diverse workforce or a local business emphasizing global sales and outreach. In either case, there should be a significant emphasis on cultural diversity. You will be writing a three to four page memo report that defines the size, composition, and scope to the company. You should also identify, by name, two to four mid-level managers, a human resources manager, and the executive structure. It should also define what the company does and the corporate mission. Although you should not include any information on the biographical interpersonal relationships among managers or executive like that in the textbook’s profile, you might want to include any thoughts on ethical considerations, such as environmental impact for instance.