1) When searching for a supplier, which of the following provides the broadest reach of possible suppliers in today’s competitive market environment?

2.) Which term describes the diverse needs of many ethnic market segments?

3.) Which of the following is known in marketing as attributes of a product or service that may not be unique to the product or service?

4.) What other dimension helps market segments be measurable, substantial, accessible, and differentiable?

5.) When purchasing, in which state does the consumer set a minimum acceptable cutoff level for each attribute and then makes a buying decision?

6.) Which of the following is a tool a company uses to position its brands attributes in the minds of those in the organization?

7.) What is the second stage of the consumer buying process?

8.) Which group is experiencing the fastest population growth today?

9.) Which market is known as the invisible market segment?

10.)In behavioral segmentation, a product or service is grouped by which other dimension besides knowledge of, attitude toward, and use of?