Below are 10 common ethical lenses through which people see the world – their world.

No vantage point is better than another.

First, choose a lens that best suits your world view from the list below.

In the space below, write a 200 word essay as to why it has served you well.

Also, explain how you manage when you are confronted with someone with a different world view.

Also, explain some of the techniques that you can use to be more open to new ethical lenses.

Finally, what would happen in our world, if we all shared the same ethical lens?

Do what the Bible tells me. – Divine Command Theory

Follow my conscience. – Ethic of Conscience

Self survival. – Ethical Egoism

Do the RIGHT thing. – Ethic of Duty

Don’t disrespect me. – Ethic of Respect

All people are created equal and have the same rights. – Ethics of Rights

I have to make the world a better place. – Utilitarianism

That’s just not fair. – Ethic of Justice

Also be a good person. – Ethic of Virtue

It’s not about me; it’s about those in need. – Ethic of Care