1) The scientific method is used by scientists to understand the natural laws that the universe obeys. Scientists are not necessarily the only people who might use the scientific method. What professions, other than scientists, might use the scientific method? Explain your reasoning and use your understanding of what the scientific method is to support your answer.

2) In exploring Newton’s laws, it is important to keep in mind all the forces that are at work in a given system and what their net effect is on a body. Suppose you simultaneously drop a hammer and a feather from the same height on the surface of the earth. Which will reach the ground first? Suppose you then do the same experiment on the surface of the moon. Does anything change? If so, what? Explain all your answers using what you have learned about Newton’s laws of motion. (There are some great video clips of this actual experiment online.)

3) Imagine that you want to shoot an apple hanging from a branch with an arrow. You aim the arrow at the apple and at the exact time you shoot the arrow, the apple falls from the branch. Will the arrow hit the apple? It should still hit the apple if the air resistance (wind) is negligible that day. Why will the projectile always hit the falling object it is aimed at if it is fired at the same time the object starts to fall? Think about this problem in terms of projectile motion.

It should be an explanatory answer. Each answer should be/have a minimum of 150 words and it is due tomorrow at 10pm. (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)