Watch a news program of your choice. Write down the verbal and nonverbal cues you notice in the cast. Using your listening skills that you learned in this unit, write down the important points covered and the major themes (not the actual details that are covered). Also, try muting the sound on your television, and note any differences in what you notice and are able to understand. Address the following.

1. How do thenewscasters’ verbal and nonverbal cues affect their communication with the audience (you)?

2. What did you learn about your listening skills?

3. How well were you able to identify important points and major themes?

4. How does public presentation of the news (a newscast) compare to news in written form (newspaper, new Web site).

5. How will you use your new awareness of verbal and nonverbal communication in business situations?

Please answer all questions in Microsoft Word Format. This calls for 3 – 4 paragraphs. REFERENCES are essential.