Assignment 2: Executive Summary Presentation

Because of limited resources in an era of plentiful opportunities, companies must carefully select investments. To ensure the process will yield desired results, firms have a number of review cycles. M6: Assignment 2provided the first evaluative format. You analyzed Genesis’ expansion plans and explained your findings. In M7: Assignment 1, you had the opportunity to comment and critique your peers’ evaluation. This will ensure all known information is incorporated into your summary for this assignment.

Based on your findings, you create a PowerPoint presentation that will include the following information:

An executive summary of your findings from M6: Assignment 2. Be sure to adhere to the following:

The presentation should be approximately 6–8 minutes (or 10–12 slides).

A statement of the problem or topic of M6: Assignment 2 is included.

A concise analysis of the findings is included.

A recapitulation of any main conclusions or recommendations found in M6: Assignment 2 is presented.

Specific details from M7: Assignment 1 to highlight or support the summary are incorporated.