Be sure to include both in-text or parenthetical citations as well as a Works Cited. Most of you did this, but some are lacking direct quotes and/or paraphrases to defend your responses.

Organize your response into meaningful paragraphs with a basic intro, body, and conclusion.

Label your blog as per the directions in the syllabus and my previous emails. (You WILL be counted off for this, as it has been pointed out to you multiple times. It may seem meaningless, but it DOES help with collaboration, organization, and grading.)

When you respond to your peers, be sure to actually continue the conversation. Do not simply agree or disagree. A good strategy might be to use the PQW method: Praise – What did the writer do well? What concepts do you agree with? Where was the support substantial or meaningful? Question – What are you still confused about? What questions do you still have about the writer’s explanation? Wish/Wonder – Where could the writer improve? Where is additional support or explanation needed? What concepts do you disagree with or have a contrasting experience?