Portfolio task 2

Portfolio task 2: How can we and should we assess, and what are some different ways of doing so?

Teachers and schools need to assess student progression in a broad, encompassing and systematic way. This paper will examine and discuss the aspects of student progression and development that are assessed in schools, and the strategies used to do so. It will also present a view regarding the value of assessing the various elements and the appropriateness of the methods and strategies used.

Students will need to consider readings from weeks 4 -10 in particular but should also draw from their earlier readings. They should discuss assessment at the individual, class and school level, and should consider affective as well as cognitive domains.

Portfolio task 3

Portfolio task 3: How might a teacher manage to monitor and evaluate student learning effectively?

This paper will identify the nature and purpose of feedback and should include its possible types, (nature and mode) and its appropriate timing. The value of feedback in its place as part of an overall quality assessment practice should be argued, and some effective strategies should be identified and evaluated. These strategies drawn from the research should be strongly linked to practical classroom examples. The risks to student progression of not giving good feedback should be understood. Constraints facing teachers in providing effective feedback should be acknowledged and strategies for overcoming these proposed.

Students focus on the material in weeks 5 and 6, but will also need to draw widely from their unit readings.