activity/spending vaiance question/ js been hir by this company securidoor inc the manufacture of a new gargage door opening device the owner ask u to review the cost sysem and do what u can to get a btter control of overhead 4 this company overhead cost. I found ot this company never used a flexable budget and I mentin to the wner that by preparing such budget would be a excellent idea or step oin overhead planning and control/ after much effort u determine the cost formal and gather the acual cost data 4 april /utiles-cost formla=16,500 plus 0.15 per machines/actual cost in april=21.300/ maintain-38,600 plus 1.80 per machinesd hr actual cost 4 april=68.400/supplies-0.50 per machineshr-actual cost april=9.800 /indirect labor-94.300 plus 1.20 per machines hr actal cost in april=119.200 deperication cos formla=68k actua cost 4 april= 69.700/ I need to prepare a budget that can ct cos down and better control with overhead cs/ can u asst me jacdumb