Verona pizza inc is a small neighbor pizzara that has a small area for in store dining as well as offering takeout and free home delivery service..the owner has determine that the sop has 2 major cost drivers 1.number of pizza sold and the number of deliever made here are the data corcern cost./fixed cost per month-pizz ingredient =zero kitchen staff=5,870 utiles=590 delivery person=zero deliever vehicle=610 equipement depreciation=384 rent=1,790 misacellaneous=710/cost per pizza-pizza ngrediant=4.20 utilizes=0.10 miscellaneous=0.05/cost per delivery-delivery person=2.90 deliver car=1.30/in oct the pizzeria budget4 1,500 pizza at average selling rice of 3.00 per pizza and 4 200 deleveries here is the operation for oct/pizza=1.600 deliever=180 revenue=21,340 pizza ingredient=6.650 kitchen staff=5.810 utilizes=875 deliever prson=522 delerv car=982 eqipiment depreciation=384 rent=1790 miscellaneous=778/I need to prepare a flex budget perfoance report showing both activity variance and revnue and spending variance 4 the pizzeria for oct/ also need to explain the atvity variancr can u assitme jacdumb