Determine whether the following items included in yang Companys bank reconciliation will require adjustments or corrections on Yangs books.

A. An $877 deposit was recorded by the bank as $778.

B. Four checks totaling $450 written during the month of January were not included the January with bank statement.

C. A $54 check written to Office Max for office supplies was recorded in the general journal as $45.

D. The bank statement indicated that the bank had collected a $330 note for yang.

E. Yang recorded $500 of receipts on January 31, which were deposited in the night depository of the bank. These desposits were not included in the bank statement.

F. Service charges of $22 for the month of January were listed on the bank statement.

G. The bank charged a $297 check drawn on cave Restaurant to yangs account. The check was included in ?yangs bank statement.

H. A check of $31 was returned by the bank because of insufficient funds and was noted on the bank statement. Yang received the check from a customer and thought that it was good when it was deposited into the account.