Assignment – Risk Paper #1

Write a 2-4 page paper regarding a project, either real or fictitious, where one is able to discuss how risks were identified, ranked, and monitored. The student is also welcome to write about a major purchase or major decision in one’s life, such as buying a new car, buying a new home, or even the decision to return to school to earn a degree. All of these are considered projects or procurements that required some form of formal or informal risk review.

Remember to cite and reference any sources that were used in the project or in the decision making process. At a minimum, students should connect this assignment back to the text and support their decision making process with key concepts from the text. One of the elements of this assignment is to connect the material from the course to actual risk decisions. You are also welcome to use any of the checklists from the text to support the decision making process. See Doc Sharing for the grading rubric.