This is the trial balance of Mimosa Company on September 30.

Debit Credit

Cash 8200

Accounts Receivable 2600

Supplies 2100

Equipment 8000

Accounts Payable 4800

Unearned Service Revenue 1100

Common Stock 15000

20900 20900

The October transactions were as follows.

Oct. 5 Received $1,300 in cash from customers for accounts receivable due.

Oct 10 Billed customers for services performed $5,100.

Oct 15 Paid employee salaries $1,200.

Oct 17 Performed $600 of services for customers who paid in advance in August

Oct 20 Paid $1,900 to creditors for accounts payable due.

Oct 29 Paid a $300 cash dividend.

Oct 31 Paid utilities $400.


(a) Prepare a general ledger using T accounts. Enter the opening balances in the ledger

accounts as of October 1. Provision should be made for these additional accounts:

Dividends, Service Revenue, Salaries and Wages Expense, and Utilities Expense.

(b) Journalize the transactions, including explanations.

(c) Post to the ledger accounts.

(d) Prepare a trial balance on October 31, 2012.