1. According to Bandura, the extent to which we feel we re able to meet a challenge or pursue a task to a favorable outcome is our level of

A. openness to experience

B. self-efficacy

C. extraversion

D. self-esteem

2. If you support the idea that physiological arousal and the experience of an associated emotion will occur simultaneously, you ll agree with the

A. Schachter-Singer theory of emotion

B. biological emotion-activation theory

C. Cannon-Bard theory of emotion

D. James-Lange theory of emotion

3. Sternberg s concept of practical intelligence is most directly related to

A. overall success in living

B. information processing

C. emotional intelligence

D. multiple intelligences

4. In Piaget s model of cognitive development, a child s tendency to view the world

entirely from his or her own perspective is referred to as

A. metacognition

B. egocentric thought

C. the concrete operational stage

D. the sensorimotor stage