Outfitters Supply Co. completed the following transactions during the year.

20-Jan Sold Inventory to Henry G., $600, on account. Ignore COGS.

1-Jun Loaned $10,000 cash to Kayaks Inc., receiving a 6 month, 11% note.

30-Jun Wrote off the Henry G. account as uncollectible after repeated efforts to collect from him.

15-Aug Received $200 from Henry G., along with a letter stating his intention to pay within 30 days. Reinstated his account in full

7-Sep Received the balance from Henry G.

1-Dec Collected the maturity value on the Kayaks Inc. note.

19-Dec Received a $3000, 60 day, 12% note on account from Tommy R.

31-Dec Wrote off the following accounts as uncollectible: Jones $700, Smith $300, Kettle $600

31-Dec Based on an aging of accounts receivable, estimated uncollectible accounts is $2900

31-Dec Made an adjusting entry to accrue the interest on the Tommy R. note


1) Journalize the transactions, omitting explanations.

The December 31 balance of Accounts Receivable is $139,000 and the balance in the Allowance account is Credit $1,800.

2) Post the beginning balance to the allowance for uncollectible accounts T to determine the adjusting entry needed for bad debt expense.