All this highlighted in this color is the DQ1 on what we need to do. I put the chapter and the topics of the chapter to help you on picking a topic to write about this week.

Chapter 3 is about Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships Terms used in this chapter are: Break even point, Contribution Margin ratio (CM ratio), Cost-volume profit (CVP) graph, Degree of operating leverage, Incremental analysis, Margin of safety, Operating leverage, Sales mix, Target profit analysis, Variable expenses ratio.

Chapter 4 is about Job-Order Costing terms used are: Absorption costing, Allocation base, Bill of materials, Cost driver, Cost of goods manufactured, Finished Goods, Job Cost Sheets, Job-order costing, Materials requisition form, Multiple predetermined overhead rates, Normal cost system, Overapplied overhead, Overhead overhead, Overhead application, Plantwide overhead rate, Predetermined overhead rate, Raw materials, Time ticket, Underapplied overhead, Work in process.

Post a 400-500 word synopsis on a topic that is related to this week’s readings in the textbook. Use at least three sources for in your review of the topic. Your review should be similar to a “literature review lite” which covers the topic is some detail, but not fully, due to the constraints in time and also in word limitation.

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