Discussion 4

Create an outline for Project 5.

Project 4

600 to 900 words

Research and analyze a company that has had publicly known problems with their internal control.

  • Analyze what went wrong that caused the system of internal control to fail, and what could have been done differently to prevent the problems.
  • Make 4 recommendations or suggestions on how the company could have improved its internal control system.

The deliverable for this project is a paper of 600-900 words. This does not include the title or references. All references must be properly cited in APA format.

Project 5

Deliverable Length:1000-1250 words (includes Phase 4 Key Assignment of 600-900 words)
Points Possible:250 Due Date:11/10/2013

Finalize your key assignment out line that you submitted for discussion 4

Incorporate the following into your paper:

  • Feedback received from your classmates and the instructor on the key assignment that you started in the previous phase.

Also, incorporate into the assignment the following scenario and the questions that follow it:

  • You are the head of an investigative team and your supervisor has asked you to put together a presentation for the next training session for new team members. Your focus is on the financial statements of a corporation.
    • What kind of information would be found on the financial statements.
    • Explain how the users of these statements ( i.e., investors, creditors, or government agencies) could use the information to help make better informed decisions.
    • How would you determine if any fraudulent or illegal activity has taken place?

Your final paper should be 3 4 pages in length. This does not include the title or reference pages. All references must be cited using proper APA format.