You have been asked to speak at a career fair for high school students in your home town.

Specifically, you are making a presentation about your role as an accountant.

  • Describe for the students the primary objectives of accounting.
  • Explain the basic terminology of the accounting process or financial reporting.
  • Explain how accounting has affected your personal life emphasizing professional ethics.
  • Explain the role that technology has played in small business accounting.

Please include APA in-text citations and references.

Background on Course Research Requirements: In the business world, it is important to use research to strengthen points made in presentations and projects. Learning to use the search functions in databases for research is a crucial critical thinking skill that complements other research techniques.

There are two main types of databases. The most popular databases are ABI Inform Global, Academic Search Premier, and Business Source Premier. You must stay away from inferior Web sites with anonymous writers; articles found on consultant Web sites; and materials on sites like,, etc. Dictionaries and encyclopedias most often repeat the information from textbooks. Acceptable internet resources include, among others, government sites (especially for statistics). Wikipedia or any open source Web sites are not permitted.

Deliverable length 3 pages