This is an essay exam consisting of six short answer questions and one essay question, worth a total of 55 points. You must answer all questions. Please limit your response to each short answer question to one paragraph (approximately 50-100 words) and the essay to a maximum of two pages. For specific information related to grading criteria for the exams, refer to the grading policy in the syllabus.


Short Answer Questions (7 points each)

  1. Name and describe the functions of marketing as discussed in the text?
  2. Identify and describe the stages in the product life cycle. Provide an example, other than ones given in the text, of a product at each stage of the lifecycle.
  3. What are the five characteristics that distinguish digital communication from traditional communication? Provide a definition for each.
  4. What is the accounting equation? Define and give examples of each component of the equation.
  5. There are three major financial instruments for companies to raise long term funds. Name and discuss each of the three.

Essay Question (20 points)

Shown below are Cooper Corporation s financial statements. Analyze the financial statements using ratio analysis (i.e., calculate the ratios to two decimal points and specify what they indicate or represent). Present your ratio analysis in essay form, presented by category of ratios including a discussion of the meaning of each category and each ratio. What further information would you need for a meaningful analysis?

Income Statement (In millions) Balance Sheet (In millions)
Net Revenue (Sales) $13,450 Assets
Cost of Goods Sold $7,078 Current assets
Gross Profit $6,372 Cash $850
Net Receivables $2,796
Selling and administrative expenses $4,910 Inventories $2,268
Interest Expense $134 Other current assets $666
Income before Taxes $1,328 Total current assets $6,580
Taxes $544 Facilities, net of depreciation $708
Net Income $784 Goodwill $1,168
Deferred Assets $378
Shares Outstanding 118 Other non-current assets $608
Dividends Paid $236 Total Assets $9,442
Liabilities and Owner Equity
Current Liabilities
Accounts payable $988
Notes payable $928
Taxes Payable $378
Accrued Liabilities $1,184
Other current liabilities $404
Total current liabilities $3,882
Long-term Debt $1,748
Deferred Taxes $140
Other non-current liabilities $290
Total Liabilities $6,060
Shareholders’ Equity
Common stock $234
Retained Earnings $3,148
Total Shareholders’ Equity $3,382
Total Liabilities and Equity $9,442