Journalize the following merchandising transactions for your company assuming you use:

(a) a periodic inventory system or in a second set of circumstances,

(b) a perpetual inventory system.

1. On April 1 you purchase merchandise for $2,500 on credit with terms of 2/5, n/30, FOB shipping point: invoice dated April 1.

2. On April 5, you pay cash (using a check) for the April 1 purchase.

3. On April 7, you discover and return $200 of defective merchandise purchased on April 1. You receive a cash refund.

4. On April 10, you pay $100 cash for transportation costs with the April 1 purchase.

5. On April 13, you sell merchandise for $2,000 on credit. Your terms are n/30. The merchandise had originally cost $1,000.

6. On April 16, your customer returned $200 of the merchandise from the April 13 transaction The merchandise had a $100 cost.