Course Description

This course concentrates on effective decision making as it relates to financial activities in a business enterprise. Course topics will include financial assets, liabilities, equity, business operations, financial management, and financial statement analysis. Students will have the necessary analytical tools to enhance business operations.

Course Topics & Objectives

Week One: Assets and Internal Controls

Compare and contrast current and noncurrent assets.

Identify significant accounting estimates.

Examine internal controls.

Week Two: Liabilities and Equity

Differentiate between current and noncurrent liabilities.

Compare and contrast the various types of equity accounts.

Week Three: Business Operations

Evaluate profitability in the organization.

Week Four: Financial Management

Compare and contrast lease versus purchase options.

Analyze the various components of the capital structure.

Week Five: Financial Statement Analysis

Apply various budgeting and forecasting techniques for decision making.

Examine the impact of the financial statements to the organization.