Mark Mitton, the liaison to the IS department, has eliminated all but the best three systems. Mark developed a list of required features, carefully reviewed each system, talked to other users, and interviewed appropriate systems representatives. Mark used a point-scoring system to assign weights to each requirement. Mark developed Table 21-4 to help him select the best system.

a. Use a spreadsheet to develop a point-scoring matrix and determine which system Mark should select.

b. Susan Shelton did not agree with Mark s weightings and suggested the following changes:



Reputation and reliability


Quality of support utilities


Graphics capability


When the changes are made, which vendor should Mark recommend

c. Mark s manager suggested the following changes to Susan s weightings:

Reputation and reliability


Installation assistance


Experience with similar systems


Training assistance


Internal memory size


Will the manager s changes affect the decision about which system to buy?

d. What can you conclude about point scoring from the changes made by Susan and Mark s manager? Develop your own weighting scale to evaluate the software packages. What other selection criteria would you use? Be prepared to discuss your results with the class.

e. What are the weaknesses of the point-scoring method?