Outline – My Personal Management Philosophy


  1. To help you prepare your essay and to give me an opportunity to provide you with some critical feedback, you must prepare an outline of your essay.
  2. Your outline must include the 5 Functions of Management and the topics you plan to address under each. Be sure to include a reference to appropriate journal entries in your outline.

The purpose of the essay, “My Management Philosophy”is to allow you to summarize your management philosophy in your own words. Your paper should be approximately 1,500 – 2,000 words (about five pages long using a word processor, double spaced).


Choose the following approaches when writing your essay:

  1. You are being interviewed for a management position which you greatly desire. One of the questions asked is “What is your management philosophy?” How would you respond? If you select to write your management philosophy using this option, at a minimum you should discuss how the 5 functions of management fit into your overall philosophy. Remember, the functions of management are: Planning and Decision Making; Organizing; Staffing and Leading; Controlling; and Staffing.