) Listed below are some information, characteristics, and accounting principles and assumptions. Match the letter of each with the appropriate phrase that states its application.
(Points : 30)

Potential Matches:
1 : Economic activity can be identified with a particular unit of accountability
2 : Affairs of the business distinguished from those of its owners
3 : Application of the same accounting principles as in the preceding year
4 : Business enterprise assumed to have a long life
5 : Presentation of error-free information with representational faithfulness
6 : Notes as part of necessary information to a fair presentation
7 : Money is the common denominator of economic activity and provides an appropriate basis for accounting measurement and analysis
8 : Earnings process completed and realized or realizable
9 : Valuing assets at amounts originally paid for them

10 : Implies that a company can divide its economic activities into artificial time periods

: Consistency characteristic
: Historical cost principle
: Going concern principle
: Periodicity assumption
: Reliability characteristic
: Economic entity assumption
: Monetary unit assumption
: Revenue recognition principle
: Full disclosure principle
: Economic entity assumption