Develop a system that keeps track of preschool students. There are four types

of preschoolers: Guppies, who are two; Puppies, who are three; Tigers, who are

four; and Lions, who are five.

Each group needs a special list of school materials. Guppies need paste and

colored paper. Puppies need paste, colored paper, and rulers. Tigers need

the supplies of the younger students plus a notebook and pencil. Lions need

all of this and scissors.

Ms. Smith teaches the Guppies and Puppies. Ms. Jones teaches the Tigers. Ms.

Anderson teaches the Lions.

Your system should capture the name, age, and school group (which is determined by

age) of “n” number of preschoolers. Note that if the user does not enter a school group,

the group appropriate for that age should be added for the student.

Each type of student (Guppies, Puppies, etc.) should be separate

classes that all inherit from a common parent, “preschoolStudent”. The parent

class should have defaults for each of the data variables and methods needed.

Your application should store the individual objects in an ArrayList, and should

allow the inputing of “n” number of records. The only attributes that the user

must input are the name and age of each entered student (be sure to handle

the entry of different data types with a try catch block). Group is optional, with the

system ascertaining the appropriate preschool class for each one.

Your application should also print out a report that groups each class, with the

teacher and students, along with the supply list.

Example (Data entry):

Name: Timmy Jones

Age: 4

Name: Suzy Smith

Age: 5

Name: Mikey Nesmith

Age: 2

Name: Pablo Garcia

Age: 4

Group: Tiger

(Print out):

Guppies Ms. Smith

Mikey Nesmith

Supplies needed: …

Puppies Ms. Smith

Supplies needed: …

Tigers Ms. Jones

Timmy Jones

Supplies needed: …

Lions Ms. Anderson

Suzy Smith

Pablo Garcia

Supplies needed: …