For this discussion, imagine that you have been asked to make a presentation before your organization’s board of directors on how financial information flows through an accounting information system. To make your presentation move smoothly from the beginning to the end and not to lose any of the board members (and to keep them awake), you have decided to make a chart that shows the flow of information and the steps necessary for their understanding. You also need to make some notes on each step so you have acheat sheet(Makes you look and sound brilliant. Think promotion!).

You need not make the chart so elaborate that it requires a special application program (Visio or PowerPoint) to display it for a wow factor. Keep your creation simple. Do not forget to include some notes on the flow and steps in your process. One more thing, do not use an attachment to display your results.

Post your information flow and notes to this discussion by midnight on Wednesday of this week. Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for expectations on the post.

Response Guidelines

From the perspective of a new member of your board of directors who has a degree in biology, respond to the posts of at least two of your fellow learners with questions or issues they did not address in their original discussion by midnight on Sunday of this week. Critically evaluate the information flow and notes (not the diagram) that have been displayed in the discussion. Identify other issues that might not have been considered.