Over the last 15 years the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal have joined forces to produce an
annual Index of Economic Freedom. This index defines 10 economic freedoms used to measure the level of
economic freedom in countries around the world. Explore the website for the Index of Economic Freedom. Be
sure to read the executive summary and pay particular attention to the graph labeled Economic Freedom and
Poverty and the graph labeled Economic Freedom and Economic Growth before you leave the website.

Assignment requirements: A) Based on your reading of material from the Index of Economic Freedom,
describe the relationship between economic freedom and variations in wealth among countries. B) Select a
country from the Index and bring in additional source material to explain its ranking and how it has changed
over the last 5-10 years.

The assignment is to be a minimum of five pages in length, excluding title page and reference page. Your
paper must incorporate quality references in addition to the Index of Economic Freedom, and must be in APA

Submit your paper to the Unit 2 Dropbox by the end of Unit 2.