ACTIVE Participation – Module 2 “Real-World” Discussion forum:

NOTE: This discussion forum counts towards your grade. It will NOT be accessible after the due date for your Module 2 assignments.

Find an annual report for a comany of interest. You are welcome to choose the same company as you used in our forum for previous module. Publicly held company annual reports (10K) can be located via a search link at

NOTE: To perform the search in the Edgar Archives the best way is to enter the “ticker symbol” for the company. In Yahoo finance (MSN, or other investment websites) enter the company’s name next to the icon “Get Quotes”. For example, Tech Data Corp’s ticker symbol is “TECD” and Bloomin’ Brands ticker symbol is “BLMN”. If you need assistance, please e-mail me.

Click on the link to “Interactive Data” and then the link to the “Financial Statements”. Select 3 ratios that were discussed in Chapter 15. (NOTE: A complete listing of the ratios is on pages 745-6 which includes the formulas and purpose of each ratio. Calculate these ratios for each of the years provided in the comparative financial statements (usually 2-3 years of information is provided). Share your calculations and any insights/thoughts from your analysis of these ratios including trends (i.e., is the company performing better or worse relative to the previous year).