1. Given the following information, calculate the net asset value for the Chapter 7

1. Based on the following data, would you recommend buying or renting? Rental Costs Annual rent, $7,380 Insurance, $145 Security deposit, $650 Insurance/maintenance, $1,050 Buying Costs Annual mortgage payments, $9,800 (9,575 is interest), property taxes, $1,780, down payment/closing costs, $4,500 Growth in equity, $225 Estitmated annual appreciation, $1,700 Assume an after-tax savings interst rate of 6 percent and a tax rate of 28 percent.

2. Many locations require a monthly fee for various services. At $160 a month, how much would a homeowner pay over a 10-year period for living in this housing facility?

Jaime and Peter Dawson own 250 shares of IBM common stock. IBM’s quarterly dividend is $0.30 per share. What is the amount of the dividend check the Dawson couple will receive for this quarter?

3. Jim Johansen noticed that corporation he is considering investing in is about to pay a quarterly dividend. The record date is March 15. In order to receive this quarterly dividend what is the last date that he could purchase stock in this corporation and receive this quarter’s dividend payment.

4.Janine is 25 and has a good job at biotechnology company. She currently has $5,000 in an IRA, an important part of her retirement nest egg. She believes her IRA will grow at an annual rate of 8 percent, and she plans to leave it untouched until she retires at age 65. Janine estimates that she will need $875,000 in her total retirement nest egg by the time she is 65 in order to have retirement income of $20,000 a year (she expects that Social Security will pay her an additional $15,000 a year).

a. How much will Janine’s IRA be worth when she needs to start withdrawing money from it when she retires?

b. How much money will she have to accumulate in her company’s 401k plan over the next 40 years in order to reach her retirement income goal?

5. Assume your gross pay per pay period is $2,000 and you are in the 33 percent tax bracket. Calculate your net pay and spendable income in the following situations.

a. You save $200 per pay period after paying income tax on $2,000.

b.You save $200 per pay period in a tax-sheltered annuity.

6. Jan Throng invested $15,000 in the AIM Charter Fund. The fund charges a 5.50ercent commission when shares are purchased. Calculate the amount of commission Jan must pay.