1. The Helsinki Agreement of 1975 pledged its signers to recognize

A. democracy as the best political ideology.

B. capitalism as the best economic system.

C. the need for nuclear disarmament.

D. a respect for human rights.

2. During the nineteenth century, which of the following countries experienced a decrease in industrial production?

A. India

B. Japan

C. China

D. Britain

3. Most of those who fear globalization worry that it will lead to

A. Americanization.

B. a new Europeanization of the globe.

C. cultural diversity.

D. a plural world.

4. The San hunters of southern Africa weren’t overwhelmed during the nineteenth century because they

A. managed to effectively fight off Western colonists.

B. live in a harsh environment.

C. were protected by a treaty.

D. were moved to reservations where they could be protected.