ACCT301 WEEK 3 E5-16, P5-1A, E6-4, P6-2A


An analysis of the accounts of Chamberlin Manufacturing reveals the following manufacturing cost data for the month ended June 30, 2008.


Bjerg Company specializes in manufacturing a unique model of bicycle helmet. The model is well accepted by consumers, and the company has enough orders to keep the factory production at 10,000 helmets per month (80% of its full capacity). Bjerg s monthly manufacturing cost and other expense data are as follows.


Black Brothers Furniture Corporation incurred the following costs.


Utech Company bottles and distributes Livit, a diet soft drink. The beverage is sold for 50 cents per 16-ounce bottle to retailers, who charge customers 75 cents per bottle. For the year 2008, management estimates the following revenues and costs.