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0 1 00:00:00 5/15/2012 7/14/2012 0.12 0 1 0 2 2011 6/30/2012 3 2011 0 2 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 2a. Cash 2b. Cash Repaid note plus interest. 60/360 Cash Notes Payable Interest Expense* Notes Payable Cash * Principal x Interest rate x Fraction of year Total interest Borrowed cash – issued note. Dr Cr Exercise 9-4 GB 518 Unit 5 Assignment Student: Part Start Date Term of Note Maturity Maturity date Computation = Description <–There is no Check Date for Part 1.. 1a. 1b. Exercise 10-16 Exercise 10-1 (15 minutes) Journal entries (a) Jan. 1 Bonds Payable Sold bonds at par. (b) Bond Interest Expense Paid semiannual interest on bonds. (c) Dec. 31 Jan. 1 Cash* Discount on Bonds Payable Sold bonds at 98. *($1,700,000 x 0.98) Premium on Bonds Payable Sold bonds at 102. *($1,700,000 x 1.02) GB 518 Unit 05 Assignments Part Value Par Semi- Annual Interest % Portion of Year Annual $ Semiannual cash interest payment = Feb. 20 Common Stock, No-Par Value Issued common stock for cash. Common Stock, $20 Par Value Contributed Capital in Excess of Par Value, Common Stock Common Stock, $8 Stated Value Contributed Capital in Excess of Stated Value, Common Stock GB 518 Unit 05 Assignment Exercise 11-2 Stock Divided by Price-Earnings Ratio ¸ = Market Value/Share EPS GB518 Unit 5 Assignment Total Liabilitites Assets Debt-to- Equity Current debt-to-equity ratio = Enter the analysis in text box. The Template is provided to help you complete your assignment successfully. Enter you Name here ======> There are hints and guidance within the templates. For Example, some fields will have a note attached – as designated by the red triangle in the upper right corner of the cell. Some final cell totals or answers will give you a notice if the answer is correct. For example, if you have gotten the right answer, you may see a note “Correct”, or “Good!” appear beneath or to the side of that cell. But, not all…