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Problems – 5 points each Greg and Justin are forming the GJ Partnership. Greg contributes $500,000 cash and Justin contributes nondepreciable property with an adjusted basis of $200,000 and a fair market value of $550,000. The property is subject to a $50,000 liability, which is also transferred into the partnership and is shared equally by the partners for basis purposes. Greg and Justin share in all partnership profits equally except for any precontribution gain, which must be allocated according to the statutory rules for built-in gain allocations. What is Justin’s adjusted tax basis for his partnership interest immediately after the partnership is formed? What is the partnership’s adjusted basis for the property contributed by Justin? If the partnership sells the property contributed by Justin for $600,000, how is the tax gain allocated between the partners? The LN partnership reported the following items of income and deduction during the current tax year: revenues, $200,000; cost of goods sold, $80,000; tax-exempt interest income, $5,000; salaries to employees, $50,000; and long-term capital gain, $5,000. In addition, the partnership distributed $10,000 of cash to 50% partner Nina and $20,000 of cash to 50% partner Len. What is Nina’s share of ordinary partnership income and separately stated items? In the current year, Derek formed an equal partnership with Cody. Derek contributed land with an adjusted basis of $110,000 and a fair market value of $200,000. Derek also contributed $50,000 cash to the partnership. Cody contributed land with an adjusted basis of $80,000 and a fair market value of $230,000. The land contributed by Derek was encumbered by a $60,000 nonrecourse debt. The land contributed by Cody was encumbered by $40,000 of nonrecourse debt. Assume the partners share debt equally. Immediately after the formation, what is the basis of Cody’s partnership interest? Janet Wang is a 50% owner of a calendar year S…