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Chapter Introduction to Information Systems 1 [ LEARNING OBJECTIVES ] [ CHAPTER OUTLINE ] [ WEB RESOURCES ] 1. Begin the process of becoming an informed user of your organization’s information systems. 2. Defi ne the terms data, information, and knowledge, and give examples of each. 3. Defi ne the terms information technology, information system, computer-based information system, and application. 4. Identify three ways in which you depend on information technology in your daily life. 5. Discuss three ways in which information technology can impact managers and three ways in which it can impact nonmanagerial workers. 6. List three positive and three negative societal effects of the increased use of information technology. Student Companion Site wiley.com/college/rainer • Student PowerPoints for note taking • Interactive Case: Ruby’s Club Assignments • Complete glossary WileyPlus All of the above and • E-book • Mini-lecture by author for each chapter section • Practice quizzes • Flash Cards for vocabulary review • Additional “What’s in IT for Me?” cases • Video interviews with managers • Lab Manual for Microsoft Offi ce 2010 • How-to Animations for Microsoft Offi ce 2010 1.1 Why Should I Study Information Systems? 1.2 Overview of Computer-Based Information Systems 1.3 How Does IT Impact Organizations? 1.4 Importance of Information Systems to Society ACCT FIN MKT POM HR MIS Forecast revenues Determine best sources for funds Process customer orders Hire new employees Directly support all functional areas Develop new goods and services What’s In ITFor Me? T H I S C H A P T E R W I L L H E L P P R E PA R E YO U TO . . . 3 4 CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Information Systems [ Revolution!] The Problem In January 2011, the Arab world’s fi rst successful popular uprising, called the Jasmine Revolution (after the national fl ower of Tunisia), erupted in Tunisia when a small-town policewoman slapped a fruit seller named Mohammed Bouazizi and ordered him to pack up his street…