Everything that the formal report need is in the attached powerpoints and the assignment/letter of authorization is attached also.

Needed parts:

– Cover – Letter of Acceptance

– Title Fly – Operating Agreement

– Title Page – Table of Contents

– Letter of Authorization – Abstract


– Background and Problem

– Scope/Limitations of the Report

– Sources & Methods of Data Collection

– Organization of the Report


– Body

– Conclusions

Document Preview:

Letter of Authorization Dear Team, Your team is being asked to perform a detailed analysis of a concept referred to as “Social Media”, and it’s usage in the corporate business environment. This analysis will be in the form of a team formal report due December 2, 2013. The purpose of this assignment is to expose students to emerging business concepts and to create an opportunity for students to utilize professional written business communication skills. Your report should include the following Level One Headings: What is social media, what is a social media information system (SMIS), and what are the three primary SMIS roles? What are the SMIS components, and how do they support and advance an organization’s competitive strategy? How do social networks add value, and increase the strength of social relationships to a business organization? What is the Hyper-Social Organization and what roles do SMIS play in this organization? A conclusion summarizing the main points of the paper. Team recommendations as to whether or not social media plays an important part in today’s corporate environment. Use all available resources for your research. Where appropriate, you should incorporate charts, graphs, or other visual aids to illustrate the facts you present in your report. Respectfully, Professor of Information Systems