I need help with this accounting exam. The exam is given in attached word file. It is 48 questions multiple choice. I want all correct answers. I also want solution of all numerical type calculative questions along with correct answer and for theory type questions I want correct answers only.

Please let me know if you can meet my requirements.

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Multiple Choice, Question 83????Sierra Company allocates the estimated $200,000 of its accounting department costs to its production and sales departments since the accounting department supports the other two departments particularly with regard to payroll and accounts payable functions. The costs will be allocated based on the number of employees using the direct method. Information regarding costs and employees follows: Department?Employees??Accounting?4??Production?36??Sales?12??How much of the accounting department costs will be allocated to the production and sales departments?  ?Employees?Department?? ?$180,000?$60,000???? ?$1,800,000?$600,000???? ?$22,222?$66,667???? ?$150,000?$50,000???? Multiple Choice, Question 115????Velvet Company allocates costs from the payroll department (S1) and the maintenance department (S2) to the molding (P1), finishing (P2), and packaging (P3) departments. Payroll department costs are allocated based on the number of employees in the department and maintenance department costs are allocated based on the number of square feet which the production department occupies within the factory. ?Information about the departments is presented below:  ? ?Number of?Number of Square??Department?Costs?Employees?Feet Occupied??Payroll (S1)?$150,000?2?2,000??Maintenance (S2)?$220,000?8?64,000??Molding (P1)? ?75?100,000??Finishing (P2)? ?50?60,000??Packaging (P3)? ?25?40,000??Velvet uses the direct method to allocate costs. Round all answers to the nearest dollar. ??What amount of the payroll department costs will be allocated to the molding department? ?$185,000?? ?$132,353?? ?$70,313?? ?$75,000?? ?? ?? ?Multiple Choice, Question 126????Rand Company sells fine collectible statues and has implemented activity-based costing. Costs in the shipping department have been divided into three cost pools. The first cost pool contains costs that are related to packaging and shipping and Rand has determined that the number of boxes shipped is an…