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the heading pacific acceptance need to be put on the assignment as well…..


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Pacific Acceptance Auditors have a duty to use reasonable care and skill. Auditors have a paramounts duty to check and see for themselves. Reliance on independent sour as or the client’s personnel is an aid to a not to sub situate for the auditor procedure. Auditor should audit the whole year. Auditor should closely supervise the work of inexperience audit staff. Auditors should properly document procedures in a written audit program which is amended when condition changes. The scope of an audit can be restricted to the reliance on a satisfactory internal control for appropriate areas of audit activity. Auditors have a duty to warm and inform. They are required to communicate with at appropriate level of management during the course of an audit and to the shareholders at the AGM. In relation to any material matters discovered during the audit process. The discovery of fraud or suspicion of fraud must also be communicated. When the auditor’s suspicion is aroused by the discovery of a large number of reregulation that indicate something is wrong or indicate the possibility of fraud, the auditors expected to take further action. The auditors plans and procedures should be structured so that it a material error or fraud exists the auditor has a reasonable expectation of discovering it. Professional standard and practice must reflect changes in the economic and business environment. Professional standard provide a guide, but the law will assess their reasonableness in specific circumstances and therefor what is reasonable care and skill.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????