5-14A 5-4A 5-2A Excel Instructions OASDI HI Tax FICA FUTA SUTA Earnings Name: 5-2A Total payroll Earnings subject to FUTA and SUTA Net FUTA tax Taxable x Rate = Net SUTA tax Total unemployment taxes Less: Wages paid in excess of $7,000 An asterisk (*) will appear to the right of an incorrect answer. Enter the appropriate numbers/formulas in the shaded (gray) cells. 5-4A 5-14A (6.2%) (1.45%) V. Hoffman A. Drugan G. Beiter S. Egan B. Lin M. Grady P.

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It is required that you utilize the templates to complete each Assignment: Make sure to read Excel instructions. Formulas must be included in each answer box NOT just the answer. Use Tax Tables if needed it is the last attachment Complete the following problems: Practical Problem 4-5A (pg. 4-40) Practical Problem 4-8A (pg. 4-41) Practical Problem 4-10A (pg. 4-43) •Practical Problem 5-2A (pg. 5-31) Practical Problem 5-4A (pg. 5-31) •Practical Problem 5-14A (pg. 5-33) MORE Next Page: Assignment Guidelines: You will complete parts “a” & “b” only Complete April 1st – April 29th entries You will be required to figure FICA You will not need to file any tax return information •Practical Problem 6-16A (pg. 6-44) Brookins Company were analyzed, journalized, and posted for the third quarter of the fiscal year. In this problem, you are to record the payroll transactions for the last quarter of the firm’s fiscal year. The last quarter begins on April 1. a. Analyze and journalize the transactions described in the following narrative. Use the two-column journal Omit the writing of explanations in the journal entries. b. Post the journal entries to the general ledger accounts •Practical Problem 6-2A •Practical Problem 6-7A