I have five decently long problems that need to be completed by tonight. If you are good with cash flow statements it should not take more than twenty minutes. I would prefer if you would print out my assignment and then scan your finished work to attach as my answer so that I can see your work. WORK MUST BE SHOWN!

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12. In the space provided below, place one of the following seven letters to indicate the effect of the transaction on the statement of cash flows. A. increase in cash from operating activities B. decrease in cash from operating activities C. increase in cash from investing activities D. decrease in cash from investing activities E. increase in cash from financial activities F. decrease in cash from financial activities G. no effect on cash flows __ (1) Payment of Accounts Payable __ (2) Sales of equipment originally costing $75,000 and having an accumulated depreciation total of $55,000 for cash __ (3) Issue of preferred stock at par. __ (4) Purchase of $2,000 of merchandise on credit (perpetual inventory) __ (5) Cash payment for retirement of bonds at maturity __ (6) Purchase of additional delivery equipment __ (7) Sale of merchandise on credit __ (8) Declared dividends on preferred stock to be paid next year __ (9) Payment of dividends on common stock that had been declared the previous year __ (10) Incurred delivery expenses amounting to $1,000, of which $200 was paid __ (11) Made the adjusting entry for bad debts expense __ (12) Gain on sale of marketable securities __ (13) Amortization of bond discount __ (14) Declared and paid a stock dividend __ (15) the Allowance for Uncollectible account showed a decrease __ (16) Purchase of equipment for preferred stock __(17) Buildings were acquired for $187,500 with the company paying $50,000 cash and issuing a mortgage note payable in 5 years for the balance __ (18) Uncollectible accounts were written off against the Allowance for Doubtful Accounts __ (19) Cash was paid on the purchase of business assets consisting of: Merchandise, Furniture & Fixtures, Land & Buildings, and Goodwill __ (20) Accounts Payable shows a decrease for the period 6. Below is comparative balance sheet information for Southern Company. An examination of the company’s 20X6 income statement and accounting records reveal the following…