Refer to financial statements of Campbell Soup company in Appendix A.


1. How much cash does Campbell soup collect from customers during year 10 ? (CC3)

2. How much is paid in Cash dividends on common stock during Year 11? (CC3)

3. How much is the total cost of good and services produced and otherwise generated in Year 11? Consider all inventories. (CC3)

4. Explain how Campbell Soup Company can have net income of $401.5 million , but generate $805.2 million in cash from operations in Year 11. Illustrate our explanation by reference to the major reconciling items. (CC5)

5. Note 1 to the financial statements discusses the accounting for disposal of property. Where is the adjustment for any gain or loss reported in the statement of cash flows?(CC3)

6.Compute free cash flows for all years shown.(CC3)