This project would need to be completed by 8/13.

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3000 3000 3001 3001 3002 3002 Sample 123 Fake Street Sample Ville, 123548 Service Address: Meter Read: Account Summary: Opening Balance Payments Received-Thank you Balance Carried Forward New Charges Total Electricity Charges Incl Discounts Total Amount Due Customer Service 1-866-324-1484 Online Payments: Account No: 300 201 563 Total Amount Due: Due Date: Important Information: Ways to Save: Your Monthly Average Comparison Amount Now Due Your Account Number 0125867-65 Water Customer Class Commercial Water Usage History Please Pay by 02/xx/201x to avoid delinquency All bill inquiries and start/stop services 1-866-532-2111 To make payment arrangement on past due bills For missed pick-up of solid waste Logo of Company Invoice Number: Company Address Company Phone Company Email Company Website Customer Name: Customer Address: Customer Phone: Customer: Email Customer ID Number Quantity Total Price Description Price per Unit Discounts/Credits Payments Applied Amount Outstanding Signature: There should also be an invoice for the internet purchases as well. Purchase Order Customer ID Customer Information Description of Item Quanity Unit Price 01 ” 78 ” 5483 I: 000 ” 258 I: 0458 Company Name Address City, State and Zip PAY TO THE ORDER OF Name of the Bank Bank Address For: $ DOLLARS Pay to: Amount: Memo: Name of the bank Account Number Statement Period Beginning Balance Deposits Checks Withdrawals Ending Balance Deposit Summary Check Summary ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????