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Business Plan Salexia Timmerman Entertainment Management Company TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.2 Business Description 1. 3Business Summary 1. 4 Goals and Objectives for the Business INTRODUCTION ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE 3.1 Personal Background 3.2 Organizational chart MARKETING 4.1 Marketing Research Survey and Analysis 4.2 Sales forecasting 4.3 Advertising 4.4 Competition 4.5 Pricing ACCOUNTING 5.1 Income statement 5.2 Income statement Clarifications 5.3 Balance Sheet 5.4 Balance sheet clarifications FINANCIAL OVERVIEW 6.1 History of financial statements 6.2 Financial Projections 6.3 Sources of Funding CONCLUSION REFERENCES EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Managing entertainers and talent has an attractive outcome and ongoing luxuries but the work is a task in itself. It takes time to develop, build and a following gain and maintains bookings for all talents while keeping clients happy financially after your commission. T.L Management Corporation is a reasonably commission based talent management company that takes on entertainers in music, television, sports, movies and models with the primary focus on their worth per offer. The establishment of T.L Management Corporation will provide people with quality entertainment services and products. The business plan will include; the organizational structure, marketing, accounting, financial analysis and the operational management steps. The management of T.L Management Corporation has come up with various strategies aimed at minimizing the risk of business performance. These entail; minimizing the costs of entertainment hence increasing profitability and revenues through economies of scale. Many people will be employed in the corporation to ensure that superior service has been offered hence increasing the level of satisfaction. Building an enhanced customer base will ensure efficient cash flow in the business. The funding from investors in the business will help to build cover expenses…