I need someone to do the below assignments, they are pretty easy i was

able to do majority of them in anywhere between 10-30 minutes not

having a clue about what i was doing. Attached is a PDF of the book. If

you are able to do these and get a good grade i have 2 more projects

that i would like done if you are willing.

There are data files that go with each of these assignments so a good

chunk of it is already setup for you.

Below is a dropbox link to the book in PDF format…


Here is a dropbox link to the data files…


Due the night of November 12th… PST

Tutorial 10, Case Problem 2, pgs 609-610

In step 5, cells B5 and B4 are reversed. B5 should be the row input

cell and B4 should be the column input cell.


Tutorial 11, Sessions 11.1, 11.2 and 11.3, pgs 613-674

Page 637: Steps 1-4 on the bottom of the To connect to an Access data

source section may not work correctly if you are in the classroom or

another networked location. If not, use the following steps instead:

1. Click New Data Source in the Choose Data Source dialog box.

2. Verify that the Use the Query Wizard to create/edit

queries check box is checked, and then click the OK button. The Create

New Data Source dialog box opens.

3. In the Create New Data Source dialog box enter the following:

1) Give a Name = Horizons

2) Select a Driver = Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb, .accdb)

3) Click Connect button

4) Click Select button

4. Navigate to the Horizons database on your USB, and then click

the Horizons.accdb file in the Database Name box and click OK.

5. Click OK three more times.

6. Screen should look like Figure 11-19 on page 638.

7. Continue with Step 1 at the bottom of page 638.


Submit To Be Scored:

Appendix C, Bright Light Case Problem

The Bright Light Case Problem is not in your textbook. Complete this

Case problem using the instructions listed below.