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School of Accounting Trimester 3A 2013 Information Sheet Test 2 (15%) -Essay Due Week 9 (5 pm on Friday 3rd January 2014 uploaded through Turnitin on Blackboard) In the March 2001 edition of Australian CPA there was an article by Ian Nash and Adam Awty entitled “Just clowning around?”. The following is a quote from the article: Basically, environmental and social reporting is when the accounting profession eases into its Birkenstock sandals and becomes green, fluffy and friendly. It’s the type of reporting that nobody is the market could possibly take seriously, and even if it’s on the horizon, it’s a long way from becoming a regulatory and legal issue. True or false? With reference to accounting theory critically evaluate the above quotation and provide an opinion on the ‘true or false’ question As outlined in the unit outline page 5, students are required to write an essay and address the following The essay should be no smaller than 1000 words and no greater than 1500 words. (Use the word count in Microsoft office and write the number of words at the end of the essay). Required Format ? Students are required to upload their document through “Turnitin” in Blackboard. By no later than 5pm on Friday 3rd January 2014. ? Essays should be typed using Microsoft Word with a minimum size 11 font and using minimum 1.5 line spacing (no single spaced submissions please). ? Left and right page margins should be at least 3 cm. ? Chicago referencing style is required for in-text and end-text referencing. ? A completed assignment coversheet should be included with the assignment and the declaration signed by the student indicating that the work submitted is his/her own work. University policies and procedures for academic misconduct and plagiarism will be applied. Further information is available at academicintegrity.curtin.edu.au. Unsigned declarations will not be accepted. ? Originality reports can be viewed by students to ensure they have referenced where…