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(10 points) For 2010, Jake’s Dog Supply Manufacturing uses machine-hours as the only overhead cost-allocation base. The accounting records contain the following information: Estimated Actual Manufacturing overhead costs $200,000 $240,000 Machine-hours 40,000 50,000 Using job costing, the 2010 budgeted manufacturing overhead rate is: Using normal costing, the amount of manufacturing overhead costs allocated to jobs during 2010 is: (15 points) Kason, Inc., expects to sell 20,000 pool cues for $24.00 each. Direct materials costs are $4.00, direct manufacturing labor is $8.00, and manufacturing overhead is $1.80 per pool cue. The following inventory levels apply to 2011: Beginning inventory Ending inventory Direct materials 24,000 units 24,000 units Work-in-process inventory 0 units 0 units Finished goods inventory 2,000 units 2,500 units On the 2012 budgeted income statement, what amount will be reported for sales? How many pool cues need to be produced in 2012? On the 2012 budgeted income statement, what amount will be reported for cost of goods sold? (15 points) The Morgan Models company manufacturers replica plastic airplane and motorized vehicle models. During October, the firm’s Assembly Department started production of 60,000 models. During the month, the firm completed 66,000 models, and transferred them to the Finishing Department. The firm ended the month with 22,000 models in ending inventory. There were 28,000 models in beginning inventory. All direct materials costs are added at the beginning of the production cycle and conversion costs are added uniformly throughout the production process. The FIFO method of process costing is used by Morgan. Beginning work in process was 25% complete as to conversion costs, while ending work in process was 50% complete as to conversion costs. Beginning inventory: Direct materials costs $39,200 Conversion costs $30,800 Manufacturing costs added during the…